2017 Nettelhorst Stallion Stampede
Nettelhorst Super Stallions - Our Top 10 Online Fundraisers
Rank Name Amount
#1 Chayse Massimino $3,000.00
#2 Christina Perthel $1,877.00
#3 Matthew Bushman $1,300.00
#4 Lily Miller $1,149.00
#5 Clara Parker $1,025.00
#6 Hugo Mellor $985.00
#7 Maya Brown $950.00
#8 JJ Vasconcellos $911.00
#9 Lola Eig $898.00
#10 Mischa Dolgin $892.00



How to Become a Super Stallion - Tips for Raising Money 

Ask everyone you meet to support you in the Stallion Stampede Walk-a-thon.  You can ask for small pledges of $10 and $20 which can really make a difference!  Ask not only your family and friends, but your neighbors and others you and your family interact with regularly. 

Consider running a lemonade stand or bake sale on your corner to raise additional funds. 

You can also get together with classmates to run a bake sale or lemonade stand and split the proceeds. Ask your neighbors, extended family, coaches to help support your school. Or offer to take out a neighbors garbage or other help for a donation - get creative! And always thank your donors!


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