2018 Nettelhorst Stallion Stampede

1) What is the Stallion Stampede?

The Stallion Stampede is Nettelhorst's second walkathon being held on Friday, May 12th, 2017 with all students Pre-K through 8th grade participating.  The walkathon will promote the health and wellness initiatives of the school, promote school spirit, engage the local community. 


2) Is there a distance element?  Will my child raise more if he/she walks further?

Students are sponsored just for participating in this fun event and donations are not related to distance. Each class will enjoy approximately 20-30 minutes walking the course and participating in an age-appropriate fitness program facilitated by professional trainers from Chicago Athletic Clubs.  Melrose will be closed off to car traffic with students walking the block between Broadway and Halsted as the course track.


3) What are the parents' responsibilities to help their children?

Please assist in the online registration of your child as a participant and setting up their webpage.  No child should set up their webpage without parental consent. Your help is also needed to reach out to family and friends to sponsor them.  Small pledges of $10 and $20 can really make a difference. Remember to ask your neighbors and others you and your family interact with on a regular basis.

Your enthusiasm and support for this event is critical to helping make this event a success!


4) How is a webpage setup?

Please go to the home page and select the "Registration" link.  Registration is free.  Once registered the participant has the ability to customize their own page and send out emails right from the web page. Participants also have options to add their own words, pictures and video to their web page.


5) Can a single webpage be setup for a family or multiple participants?

No.  We realize it may be inconvenient to receive multiple pledges/transactions from a single donor for each participant/child but the system works best if each student has their own participant webpage. Thank you for your cooperation. 


6) How can the webpage settings be accessed again after the initial setup?

  1. Login to the website with your Username and Password
  2. After logging in, a pull down menu will appear when scrolling over your name
  3. Select “My Account” to access the settings tabs
  4. Select “My Page”


7) How are cash and/or check pledges handled ?

Please use the paper pledge sheet when receiving cash or check donations. The webpage is used for credit card pledges only.  The paper pledge sheet may help when soliciting neighbors or anybody whom you do not have an email address to direct to your webpage. Please click here to access a pledge sheet to print.  Additional pledge sheets are also located in the main office.  


8) If cash or check pledges are received how is the money collected?

All pledge donations made by check should be made payable to NPTO.  Cash and/or checks you receive should be placed in an envelope  and given to the homeroom teacher or dropped into the Stallion Stampede box located in the main office.  If you have an existing webpage,  we will enter in your pledge(s) online once we receive the check or cash pledge donations.  


9) Will my webpage show the cash or check pledge donations I have turned in?

Yes. If you have an existing webpage, we will enter in your pledge(s) online to your webpage once we receive the check or cash pledge donations.  


10) Should parents be there for this event?

Although it is not necessary, we would love to see you there to support your child and our school.  However, for safety purposes, only four parents will be allowed to walk the course with the classroom.  Parent walkers (AKA Wranglers) will be assigned by the room parent once an email is sent out for the sign up.  

There will be many volunteer opportunities including monitoring the course during the walkathon, judging class cheers for the Stallion Cup, cheering on all students on the front playlot and many more. 


11) Can parents volunteer to help?

Yes!  Numerous volunteer opportunities are available. Please see weekly NPTO emails to sign up for volunteering or send an email to presidentnpto@netterlhorst.org.


12) Does my child need a Field Trip Permission slip and who do I give it to?

Yes! Each child must hand in a signed Field Trip permission slip in order to be allowed to participate. Please hand your signed permission slip in to your homeroom teacher. Extra copies are available in the main office or you can download one here. 


13) Who is a Stallion in Need and how I can help those that cannot afford to participate?

There are students in our community for whom the cost of donating $10 to participate in the walkathon is not feasible. If you are able and would like to help, please consider donation increments of $10 via the "General Donation" button on the "Make a pledge" page. Each Stallion will be sponsored anonymously by random assignment. 
















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